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                MasTec | Infrastructure that Delivers Leading specialty contractor engineers, designs and constructs infrastructures for electric power generation and transmission, oil and natural gas pipelines, renewable energy facilities and wireless networks.
                Power Generation icon

                Traditional power plant engineering, construction and maintenance.

                MasTec has the experience, equipment, crews and resources necessary to deliver efficient, environmentally responsible gas-fired power plant construction. Our expertise as power plant contractors including traditional fossil fuel and natural gas steam generation plants, gas-fired turbines and reciprocating engine technologies. For each project we take on, we emphasize clean and sustainable solutions throughout both power supply and demand, and we work to increase efficiency at every step of the process. This commitment, coupled with our experienced team of professionals and our rigorous standards for safety, helps us deliver the highest quality power plant construction to each and every client.

                MasTec Power Corp. consists of a team of seasoned professionals who have spent decades in the power business, and built thousands of megawatts of power plants across the world, thereby delivering certainty of outcome to the power project developers/clients. Our approach is to begin with the end in mind. We work collaboratively to devise solutions that support our client’s business objectives. Our team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to leverage experience as Owners, Developers, Structured Finance and Contractors to provide varied and comprehensive solutions for our clients.


                Operation and Maintenance of Power PlantS
                • Scheduling Shutdowns
                • Emergency Shutdowns
                • Ongoing Maintenance

                Services Provided by:

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                305.599.1800 services@mastec.com